Taking A Stand - Rant Warning

Okay, I know I should be writing, but I can't let this one go. I'm not usually given to chasing articles about celebrities, running out to buy the latest magazine with the latest gossip and the latest diet craze. I glance at the newspaper and Internet News headlines and get on with my writing.

Not so today. I admit I'm not slim, and I don't want to be. I love my classic hourglass figure and fight daily to maintain it with diet and exercise. I'm shaped similarly to the old-style movies stars, like Marilyn Monroe,

Gina Lollobrigida,

Sophia Loren,

Brigitte Bardot.

and my namesake, Raquel Welch.

And remember Mae West?

What a lovely voluptuous figure that gal had!

And me this past Halloween 2007 ....

(no, I'm not in a corset, this is really how I'm shaped :-))

Beyond all the boning and corsets and stays that accentuated their womanly figures, these ladies had wonderful feminine curves. And what's wrong with having curves? It's womanly to have curves, NOT a straight skinny body or a size 2 or size 0. (Dammit, eat a buscuit!!) I don't want that sort of "slender" so I'll look like a man. I applaud anyone who is happy with their curvy figure and shows it off. I show off mine every chance I get.

And BRAVO to Jennifer Love Hewitt for wearing her bikini in Hawaii!! YOU GO GIRL!!!

Women SHOULD look like woman, healthy women with curves. AND THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH THIS! ALL the women in my stories have lovey curves, no matter what size or height I write them as being. And why not? All the men I have ever asked agree they "don't like grabbing onto a bag on bones."

Enough said. I'm going to go write now before I start growling at the idiots in Hollywood who think anorexia is the next dress size. Grrrr.....

~Raquel Rodriguez
author of Paranormal, SciFi and Space Opera Romance